Ammolite Ring (size 8)

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Ammolite Ring

This Red Green Color changer is an absolute beauty. The pattern in this stone is called sheet material, and it displays the green color from one direction, and the red color from another. 

Basic Information

Ammolite is one of just a few organic gemstones on the market and the only one with precious gem status. It has a hardness of 4 of the Mohs scale, and the bright iridescent colors make it relatively easy to identify.


Ammolite is believed to have absorbed universal knowledge, therefor granting wisdom and wealth to the wearer. The spiral shell of the full ammonite is thought to raise energy flow, converting negative energy into positive. Ammolite is also helpful for building stamina and releasing trauma.

Ammolite represents good luck and is said to attract prosperity and abundance. To give you what you need out of life, not necessarily what you want.


Ammolite was also known as Inskim, the Buffalo Stone. It was declared a gemstone in 1981 and is one of the newest gemstones ever discovered.

Stone cut in Alberta

Stone Set in: India

Metal Type: .925 Sterling Silver

Ring Size: 8

Weight: 7 g.

Product Type: One of a kind

Ammolite is primarily composed of aragonite. It forms on fossils of compressed and crushed Ammonites, modern relatives being cuttlefish, squid, octopus and chambered Nautilus (considered living fossils). Some Ammonites are found with bite marks, believed to be from the Mosasaur. Ammonite is named for the shape, like the horns of the ancient Libyan deity, Ammon. Ammolite can be unstable and flake in layers; stabilized by coating with epoxy, and pressurizing to penetrate the layers. It has a hardness of 4 on Mohs scale, and the bright iridescent colors make it easy to identify from other gems, such grade is exclusively found in Southern Alberta, largely processed by Korite International, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Named after the Kormos family farm, where large deposits of Ammolite have been found. The gem has had many names, officially becoming Ammolite in 1981.

This sterling silver ring has a stunning Ammolite specimen set into a smooth .925 silver setting. The sophisticated design and silver color compliments the Ammolite wonderfully, and the stone itself shows off a deep red to yellow/green depending on the angle. This Ammolite has an intriguing depth, and would certainly be the center of attention in any situation!

According to Blackfoot folklore this rare Buffalo Stone brings luck to the hunt. It was used by braves for vision quests during their coming of age rituals. They believed keeping it in their home to bring health and prosperity. Some Elders believe Ammolite to invoke prophetic dreams. It carries a high vibration, believed to activate etheric and physical DNA, elevating consciousness, awareness, and connection with past lives. It is believed to have absorbed universal knowledge, therefore granting wisdom and wealth. The spiral shell raises energy flow; converting negative to positive energy, stimulating Chi, and mitigating depression and fatigue. The vast color spectrum connects with the 7 main chakras, representing balance of the elements. They are helpful for building stamina and releasing trauma. Ammolite represents good luck and is said to attract what we need, as opposed to what we want.

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