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Hello from Silver Cove,

We hope you had a wonderful time on our recent live sale auction. We love sharing our passion for the mineral kingdom with you.

Below you will find the packing list with the items you purchased. These items are wrapped, packed, and ready to go when you are.

Items purchased in the auction are due within 14 days of receiving this invoice. Invoices can be combined in your cart, allowing you to check out multiple live events, plus items on the online store seamlessly.  

If any of the items were already discounted in the live sale auction, you will see them in a separate column in the listing below. We will reverse engineer the listing so that it reflects properly in your cart.

Silver Cove Packing Slip  Date: 
Live Sale Title: Customer Number: Nov. 2nd, 2021
November 2nd Live  10979
 Regular   (ND) Previously 
Item Description Quantity  $/pc  Lot #  Price   Discounted 
Black Moonstone Sphere  1  $      136.00 377  $        136.00
Pink Amethyst  1  $        84.00 449  $          84.00
Quartz Sphere  1  $        18.00 413  $          18.00
 $                 -  
 $                 -  
 $                 -  
Column Total 3      $        238.00  $                       -  
Invoicer:  Eligible for   Already  
Erika  discount   Discounted 
Packager :
Total of Invoice after discounts:  $          190.40  plus tax 
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We love what we do and thank you for being a part of our success. We hope to see you on another live sale auction very soon.