Live Sale Auction Q&A

Some answers to common questions about the Live Sales:

What currency do you sell in?

Our live sales are sold in Canadian Dollars. Your payment method will auto-calculate to your preferred currency upon payment, but all items are displayed in Canadian. The average conversion from CAD to USD is $1 CAD = $0.75 USD

Why do we use a bidding word?

We like to keep things upbeat and fun here at Silver Cove, we also want to ensure that your bids are seen and a bidding word helps us do both. They reduce post filtering by Facebook, and allow us to add a bit of character to the feed.

What is a Z-LOT?

A Z-Lot is Silver Cove's unique way of identifying a lot with multiples available for purchase. The host will let you know how many of them are available and will verbally confirm your bid on air. 

How do I bid?

Bidding is super easy! Simply use the bidding word and lot number that you are interested in. The first bid to come up on the hosts feed will be announced the winner verbally on air. 

Once you win an auction, send a private message to the page letting us know. We will reply with and invoice link within 36 hours, and are available anytime to answer your questions. 

How do I know the host can see my bid?

Sometimes you can wonder if the host is seeing your bids, or if you are being filtered. The easiest way to do this is to send our 'secret code word' to the host for acknowledgment. Simply put the numbers 00 after the bidding word and the host will acknowledge you by name. 

How much is shipping to the USA?

Shipping depends on the weight of the package and your location but overall we have found the rates to be quite affordable.

Here are a few examples from Jan 2021:

1.1kg box - $23 CAD ($16.50USD) 

0.5kg box - $16 CAD ($11.50USD)

Our system auto calculates the shipping rates

How do I pay?

An invoice will be sent to you via private message, which links you to our online store. Once you click the link, add the invoice to your cart. You can continue shopping for treasures on our online store, but once you are ready to checkout, go to the cart and follow the prompts to check out.

(Note: If you have not already setup an account, you will be prompted to do so).

If you have any questions, please send us a private message. 

Here is a great video to help you with checkout: 

Silver Cove Checkout Video

 What if I cannot pay within the 14 days?

If you do not check out your items within the 14 day window you will forfeit the items and be banned from bidding in future events. Bidding bans range from 30 days to a permanent ban. 

Silver Cove Live Lingo:

Let 'er Buck  - Passing on a great discount

'00' - A 'secret' request to the host to acknowledge you

Z-Lot - A lot with more than one piece available for purchase

Blind Box - A sealed mystery box available for blind bidding