Himalayan Salt

Origin: Himalayas of Pakistan

Weight: 1 lb (per package)

Type: One of Multiple, Bulk Available

Himalayan Salt is a type of rock salt or Halite from the Punjab region of Pakistan. Although it is not directly from the Himalayas, the deposit Himalayan Pink Salt comes from is close to the Himalayas. This deposit of Himalayan Salt is said to have been discovered in 326 BC when Alexander the Great was moving through Khewra, Punjab. Salt was most likely mined there from then but the first records come from the 1200's by the Janjua people.

These work as bath salts and are a classic option for the end of a day to rest sore muscles, and is believed to be great for dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema when used in a bath.

Negative air ionization is an attribute commonly connected with Himalayan Salt Lamps; this is believed to help eliminate some air-borne bacterial infections, and help reduce static electricity build-up in electronics. Salt is also Hygroscopic, this means that when it is heated it attracts water molecules from the air. Some say that this creates an atmosphere similar to those near the Ocean, which is also believed to have a highly cleansing affect on a household.

Caution: These salts are meant for external use only and are not intended for ingestion!

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