Native Copper Sphere

Size: 1 x 1 cm (Sm.), 4 x 4 cm (Lg.)

Weight: 12 g. (Sm.), 280 g. (Lg.)

Product Type: One of Multiple

Native Copper is the name of a type of uncombined Copper that occurs as a natural mineral. Interestingly enough, Copper is one of the few metallic elements that occurs in native form, and it was an important ore of Copper used by pre-historic culture.

You can choose from one of two sizes for these copper spheres, the larger measures in at about 4 by 4 cm, and weighs approximately 280 g., the smaller sizes are about 1 by 1 cm and weigh about 12 g. each. These are beautiful and interesting specimens, and would make a great addition to collections or school projects alike!

Copper is thought to carry a strong connection to the Earth, stimulate energy flow as a conductor, and help enhance intuition. Copper is believed to help with self-esteem as well, and is said to be associated with Base and Sacral Chakras.

You are purchasing one of multiple Copper spheres in either a Small or Large size, please make the choice from the drop down menu.

Due to the nature of our completely natural products, and photography techniques, the color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos. Stand pictured is not included.

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