Angel Wing Quartz

Type: Specimen

Size: Small to Large

Product Type: One of a Kind

Angel Wing Quartz is a beautiful quartz of where the growth appears to have formed in a wing-like pattern. These specific pieces were found in Stettler, AB and are new to our Silver Cove family.

These Angel Wing Quartz pieces may be smaller, but they are vibrant in their original and unique crystal structure. They would make the perfect addition to any avid collector.

Quartz Crystal is often called the master cleanser and is thought to cleanse both people and stones, and amplify the abilities of any stones in its energy field. Quartz is thought to be an essential stone for metaphysical well being. Angel Wing Quartz in particular are known for showing a higher level of spiritual experience. It calls on your spirits, your guardian angel to connect with your higher self.

You are purchasing (1) quartz randomly selected from the grouping.

Due to the nature of natural products and photographic lighting, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed. You will receive product similar to those in the listing. 

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