Pink Seashell Necklace CLOSEOUT

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Pink Seashell Necklace

Size: 16 inches

Weight: 45 g

Product Type: One of Multiple

Seashell is a hard protective layer formed by some animals that live in the Sea. It is usually composed of calcium carbonate or chitin; the shells of marine molluscs are composed of calcium carbonate which endures better than that of chitin, thus those are the shells usually found washed up on beaches.

This casual necklace is made of dyed pink shell chips turned into beads. The look is very uplifting with the slight variation of pale pinks throughout the necklace. This would make an excellent addition to your wardrobe if you love the sea, and because of the bright coloring this would be a great gift for kids!

Shells are believed to have the natural cleansing ability of the Sea embedded within them, and are thought to be ideal for dispersing negative energy. Seashells are also considered to be effective in cultivating intuition, and adaptability in communication settings.

Due to the nature of natural products, and photography techniques the color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos.