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Cherry Quartz & Mother of Pearl Bracelet

Origin: Made in Alberta

Size: 7 1/8 inches

Product Type: One of Multiple

Cherry Quartz is actually a man-made crystal created using either glass and dye, or reconstituted Cinnabar and Quartz. To create Cherry Quartz, typically glass is melted down, and then some form of red/pink dye is infused with the melted glass to create intricate, feathered formations. Mother of Pearl is an organic-inorganic composite material; it is the inner shell layer, and makes up the iridescent outer layer of pearls. 

This bracelet is made up of Mother of Pearl beads and oblong Cherry Quartz beads alternating. It has a soft appearance from it's pink and white coloring, and the Cherry Quartz gives it a warm feel. Great for casual wear, and the Mother of Pearl adds an elegant touch.

Despite being man-made, Cherry Quartz is still believed to be a powerful and versatile stone. Thought to enhance communication, creativity, focus, and self-worth. It is even referred to as a must-have stone for creative and intellectual personality types!

Mother of Pearl is thought to bring cheerfulness, security and protection. It is thought to help overcome despondency, insecurity, and disappointment.

Due to the nature of natural products, color, size, and style may vary slightly from the photos listed. You will receive a bracelet similar to those in the listing.