Archaen Butterstone 24-pc Box

Also Known As: Butter Jade, African Jade

Origin: South Africa

Size Range: 5-6 cm

Weight: 50 g/per piece

Product Type: One of multiple

Archaen Butterstone is a rock from the Greenstone Belt of South Africa, which formed during the Archaen Period over 2500 million years ago. This means that Archaen Butterstone predates dinosaurs, and is a relic from the initial formation of the Earth where life started in murky and muddy seabeds. It is this muddy environment that compacted and has been preserved in the form of Butterstone.

These unique pieces from our distant past have a serpentine-like green to yellow coloring, and swirling patterns from the inclusions they've picked up throughout time. Each piece comes with an insert of information about Butterstone which makes them great for school projects, or just as an addition to any fossil collection.

Butterstone is believed to have a grounding earth energy, and aid in connection with the earth. It is also said to promote stability, persistence, hope, resilience, and a versatile attitude in life. What a tenacious stone!

You are purchasing one bulk box of Archaen Butterstone that contains 24 individual pieces. Each piece varies.

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