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Polished Orthoceras in Matrix (1.344 kg)

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Polished Orthoceras in Matrix

These Orthoceras fossils are crisp and even glisten in light. The polished segments highlight the larger fossils, helping them stand out from the rough matrix stone. The contrast makes for an eye catching display piece.

Basic Information

Orthoceras are a genus from the extinct nautiloid cephalopods found in the limestone of Sweden and other Baltic States during the Middle Ordovician period, they are also knows as Orthoceratites. The straight, elongated tubular shell, among other features, belong to a number of groups and orders; dependent upon when and how the shell formed.


Due to their age, fossils are used as talismans of protection and longevity. The deep connection with Earth heightens intuition, especially regarding crystals and ancient knowledge. Fossils link to the past, granting visualization of past-lives, and aiding astral travel. Encouraging harmony, dignity, splendor and organization, while bringing awareness to the life-cycle and security when embracing change.  Fossils open us to mystery, releasing mental obsessions, offering a sense of charisma, charm and beauty.


Fossils are remnants of prehistoric life, naturally formed from animal bones,  leaves, or shells. The imprints of plants or animals that were once alive create body fossils, whereas trace fossils show evidence of where an organism lived, such as tracks or burrows. Shells are of the most common fossil type, largely ammonites, having lived between 240 and 65 million years ago.

Size: 17 x 15 x 4 cm

Weight: 1.344 kg

Product Type: One of a Kind