Polished Psilomelane Cabochons (Singles & 5 Packs) (various)

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Polished Psilomelane Cabochons

Also Known As: Black Hematite, Black Malachite

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Psilomelane is an opaque stone belonging to the manganese oxide group. It does not form visible crystals, and was discredited as a mineral in 1982, as it is a mixture. It is not actually related to Hematite or Malachite, despite its appearance. It is made of hydrous manganese oxide, with barium and potassium at variable rates; it also contains Romanèchite and Hollandite . It forms in unidentifiable shaped botryoidal and stalactitic masses, with smooth surfaces shine and a sub-metallic lustre. Psilomelane can form light and dark grey banded structures with pyrolusute, giving its name, derived from the Greek words psilos and melas, meaning smooth and black.

The dark banding patterns in these cabochons is just marvelous! The silvery tones add a mystical contrast to the black designs. Any one of these would be a brilliant addition to any creation.

Psilomelane is a stone of grounded self-reflection, protection, magic and luck. It's used by lightworkers, shamans, wiccans, alchemists and other magic workers for it's duality--the light and shadow sides coming together for acceptance, while encouraging letting go of ways of thinking that no longer serve us. It encourages deeper self awakening, awareness, and balance; speaking to the inner God and Goddess. It stimulates the Root, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, opening to intuition and self mastery.

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