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Black Obsidian (Bulk 1lb)

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Black Obsidian (1 lb Rough)

 These adorable pieces of Black Obsidian are just what you need for lapidary and gridding projects! Keep them all for yourself, or spread the love and gift them to friends and family!

Basic Information

Obsidian is a naturally occurring opaque volcanic glass that is created when felsic lava from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth. Obsidian is hard and brittle, and so it fractures with very sharp edges which explains its popular use in the past as a cutting implement.


Obsidian is thought to shield the wearer from negativity, release tension, and give the wearer a sense of calm and protection. It is believed that when you use Black Obsidian during meditation it can help lead you towards creative solutions to pressing problems.

Size: 3cm - 6cm

Weight: 1 lbs